#InstaAccounts წიგნის მოყვარულთათვის

სამშაბათია და ტრადიციულად რუბრიკის InstaAccounts დროა.  დღეს წიგნისა და კითხვის მოყვარულებს საინტერესო ინსტაგრამ ექაუნთებს შემოგთავაზებთ.


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Do you have a childhood sweetheart? Do you believe that there's only one person out there for you, or do you think you can find love many times throughout your life? My husband and I have been together since we were 15 years old (we're 29 now, so almost half of our lives!). So it's hard for me to imagine my life without him in it. The Light in the Hallway follows a man named Nick who loses his wife, who was his childhood sweetheart, after she becomes ill and dies. Now he has to navigate life and parenthood alone with his teenage son, Olly. In the depths of his heartbreak, he has to find a way to live that pleases his son, family and friends, while also honoring what his wife meant to them all. His wife was his childhood sweetheart, but was she really the only one who could ever make him happy? If you love contemporary fiction full of family drama and a lot of emotion, this book is for you! Thank you so much to @amazonpublishing for sending me a free copy! You can check out this book and more by going to https://www.amazon.com/TheLightInTheHallway-Angela. #ad @mrsamandaprowse #amazonpublishing

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Over the past couple months I’ve talked about struggling to find balance in this space. And as someone who tends to be all or nothing, it’s been hard to figure out what that balance looks like. I started this account wanting to share my love of books and to connect with others who felt the same, and I did that. It’s by far been the best part of being a bookstagrammer. But running an account with an audience of 20k+ is something I never imagined, and now that I’m here I’m realizing how much work it takes. These few days away have been freeing in ways I couldn’t have predicted. My mind has felt less cluttered, I’ve enjoyed reading more, and I’ve had time to just be myself. There are a lot of good things about social media: the ability to connect with people near and far, the opportunity to learn from others, and a place to share things you’re passionate about. But it can also be draining. After dedicating much of the last two years to this space, it’s time for a break. It’s time to be more present in my daily life, something I realized I haven’t been very good at recently. So I’m taking a hiatus. I’ll still be sharing my reading life on Goodreads, and if you want to connect my email is always open. Thank you to all of you for following me and cheering me on for so long. Your support has been a big reason why this space has been so important to me <3

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